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Deem Roll Tech Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of steel and alloy rolls in India, which constitute the building blocks of the iron and steel rolling mill industry.

Deem Roll Tech manufactures:

  • Spheriodal Graphite Pearlitic Cast Iron
  • Spheriodal Graphite Accicular Cast Iron
  • Alloy steel Base
  • Double Poured Indefinite chilled Cast Iron
  • Indefinite Chilled Rolls

Roll production started in 2003. We currently have three manufacturing units in India. The first at GIDC Chhatral having an area of 4000m2 and the second unit at village Ganeshpura, Mehsana, Gujarat having an area of 10000m2 the third unit is near Singur, Hooghly, West Bengal spread over an area of 10000m2. Today our capacity is to manufacture 8500MT of rolls every year.

With many reputed rolling mills in India and abroad as our customers, we strive to provide the best quality processes in the industry as a result of which our rolls are one of the finest available.