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  • Indefinite Chill
    Alloy Cast Iron
  • Alloy Steel
  • Double Poured Alloy Indefinite Chill
  • Ring Rolls
  • Ring Rolls Non
S.G Iron (Nodular) or Ductile Iron rolls are available in a wide range of hardness & composition for a variety of applications. The matrix structure varies from Ferrito – Pearlitic, Pearlitic to Bainitic & Martensitic together with different carbide contents and graphite in the form of spheroids/nodules.

The rolls are used in roughing, Intermediate as well as finishing stands of both heavy & light section mills. Some critical grades are heat treated for higher strength.

Chemical composition and structure are chosen to suit specific application.
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SG (P) 50-55.
Magnification : 150x.
Pearlitic Matrix With
Nodular Graphite
SG Acc 65-70.
Magnification : 150x Bainitic-Martensitic Matrix With Nodular graphite and carbides
These are cast iron based rolls alloyed with Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum having a matrix of pearlite and carbide with flake graphite. These rolls are used primarily for Section Rolling. The material has very good thermal properties and in parts a good surface finish to the product.

These rolls are available in higher hardness ranges where the matrix is Bainitic instead of Pearlitic and are used in finishing stands of rod mill.
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Indefinite Chill Alloy
Magnification : 150x
Martensitic-Bainitic Matrix With special flake graphite, carbides
IC 65-70 Magnification : 150x Bainitic-Martensitic Matrix With special flake graphite,carbides and some pearlitie.
These rolls are special hyper eutectoid steels alloyed with Nickle, Chromium & Molybdenum. These Rolls are used in breakdown, roughing & intermediate mills for bloom, billet & sections and for finishing of heavy sections.

These rolls are statically cast and undergo a three stage high temperature heat treatment comprising of annealing, normalizing & tempering cycles. The rolls are available in a wide variety of composition & properties to suit specific application. These rolls normally do not have any drop in hardness along section.
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Alloy steel 40-50
Magnification : 150x
Spheroidized pearlite
and some carbides.
D.P.I.C rolls are made of a high alloy iron shell a soft grey iron or ductile iron core metal. These rolls are used in finishing stands of rod mills and for flat rolling. The shell material consisting of predominantly Bainitic or Martensitic matrix with free carbides with small quantities of tiny flake graphite, have excellent wear resistance coupled with resistance to fire cracking. These rolls are available in hardness range of 70 to 85 ShareC. The core material of these rolls is mostly grey iron but where higher strength is required, the core is made of ductile/nodular cast iron.
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DPIC 80-85
Magnification : 150x.
Martensitic-bainitic matrix with
special flake graphite and carbides
Ring rolls have vast application in today’s rolling mills. They are used for tube rolling in assel mills, sizing mills, piercing mills. They are used in bar straightening machines, in cantilever rod mills and structure rolling universal mills, and also in bar rolling planetary mills.

The ring rolls are of various qualities and compositions to suit various rolling requirements:

  • Spheroidal Graphite Bainitic and Pearlitic matrix
  • Alloy Cast Steel Base
  • Indefinite Chill

The rings are statically cast depending on the requirement. They are available in the form of blank rings and in fully machined conditioned.
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Rolls for paper, rubber, flour, plastic etc. are made with the following composition.

The chill depth of these rolls are generally in the range of 12 – 15 mm. however, in special cases higher chill depth can be given. The hardness of such roll ranges between 60 to 75 Shore ‘C’. The above rolls have very good wear and corrosion resistance with uniform chill depth, soft core and journals. Hollow rolls are pressure tested hydraulically for checking any unsoundness of roll.

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