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Production and
Quality Assurance System

During machining, samples are taken for examination of microstructure and machining is allowed to proceed only if the microstructure is found proper. Hardness of the Rolls is checked on the barrel surface as well as the face of barrel to check the depth of useful hardness. The machined surfaces are also examined for any surface defect like blowholes, inclusions, dross and cracks etc. Stage inspection of dimensions is carried out. A final dimensional check is carried out at the end of all machining operations. Once clearance is obtained from the Q.A department, Rolls are finally painted with ant-corrosive paint and packed for shipping.

In order to maintain dimensional accuracy of the rolls all measuring instruments are periodically checked for deviations against a set of standard instruments duly calibrated and certified from authorized centers.

Samples are also taken out periodically from barrel of some rolls to test the mechanical properties of roll materials. All alloy steel rolls are ultrasonically tested for flaws and double poured rolls checked for proper bonding between the Shell and the Core.
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